Best Photography Soft Box or Photo Tent

Do you have a business where you need to take photos of your products, or artwork, or jewellery, etc.? When you’re just getting your business going, you often cannot afford a good camera yet. And that’s fine, because you can get really decent photos using your iPhone or SmartPhone. But what you DO need is […]

Is Your Life Too Stressful?

Sometimes we don’t want to take on a new venture, or expand our horizons, or take a risk, because our life is currently so stressful we don’t think we can handle any more! But is your life filled with good stress, or bad stress? Here’s what bad stress and good stress looks like to me […]

Charging Money For Free Information

As the Internet matures, you’re going to see this more and more: People taking free information, inventions, protocols etc. that have been developed by scientists or groups and packaging them into digital information products. Perhaps there is a way you can apply this technique to your niche and package up your own information product? Here’s […]

Free Contact Form for Your Site

If you don’t have a plugin for a CONTACT US form for your WordPress blog, or you just want to get a page up in a hurry, here’s where you can get a free CONTACT US form to use on your WordPress blog or website, from SmartAddon. The form uses javascript (and will only work […]

How To Write A Great Flyer

You have to treat a flyer like an ad. And the rule of thumb in advertising is ONE AD = ONE MESSAGE So when you’re putting together a flyer to promote a sale, an event, a service, etc. you have to be really targeted and specific. If you try to speak to everyone and promote […]

Best iMovie Quick Time MP4 Export Settings

If you’ve been trying to figure out the best settings for iMovie when you want to export a video – for maximum quality, yet fast viewing/downloading, in a format compatible with most people’s computers – here are the settings I’ve found work best: Go to SHARE –> Export Using QuickTime and then use the following […]

Storytelling Best Way To Sell

David Ogilvy was one of the first big advertising guys to prove that storytelling (a full page worth of small-font text) sold extremely well. When we think of story-based advertising, we often think of those mile-long internet sales letters, or slick ads in niche-market magazines. But these two examples show the unmatched power of storytelling […]

Before You Send To Your List

As the Internet and email become (and already are!) a primary method of communication, corporate and political lobbying groups are getting VERY smart in using tactics to misinform and manipulate people. Here is a great example of this: This email was spread virally among friends and colleagues of an older age group. You can see […]

Best Video Settings for Canon Vixia HF-11

I’ve been shooting video with my new Canon Vixia HF-11 for both my YouTube channel and also for a video tutorial version of my flagship book, Listen To Your Gut. After MUCH experimentation, I’d like to share the settings that I found were ideal – so hopefully it saves you having to go through the […]

The Map To Online Success

People who are new to online business – or wanting to convert a physical business to an online business – are often overwhelmed by all the different materials from the “Internet Marketing Experts”. An exasperated plea I hear often from people who’ve been on the lists of Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, […]

Best Holistic Conference Center

Okay, it’s only taken me NINE HOURS on Google to compile this information. So of course I immediately thought of sharing it so that others didn’t have to waste an entire day looking for: The best holistic, eco-friendly hotel or center to hold a 2-3 day healing retreat or workshop that can accommodate up to […]

How To Upload Canon Vixia HF11 To iMovie

If you haven’t yet realized that video is a great way to connect with your customer-base and build relationships – then you need to get going on this media! Aside from it really boosting your appearance in search engines, other websites will pick up and feature your content. Recently 4 of my videos were featured […]

Case Study of Mass Control & Product Launch Formula

Frank Kern Important: Here is a detailed account of all the internet tools used in this product launch (blog, video, screenshot, crm, email campaigns, etc.) and where you can get them. This is a record of the marketing sequence and techniques used by Frank Kern – who is using both Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula […]

Technology Used in the Frank Kern Case Study

If you’ve read through my Frank Kern Case Study, you may be wondering exactly how the various marketing components were actually implemented. So here I’m going to provide you with a quick cheat-sheet on each of these applications: Screenshots Throughout the case study, I provided jpg photos (or screenshots) of the actual web pages Frank […]

Novel Ways To Raise Money

Amy Miller – Artistic Director Transcendence Theatre Company is a group of artists with an extensive list of Broadway, National and International Touring, Regional Theatre, Film and Television credits. They are a nonprofit organization established in 2008 dedicated to developing a new approach to the performing arts. The company is united in a passionate belief […]

Is Stompernet Membership Worth It?

Andy Jenkins – StomperNet CEO The last time Stompernet opened its doors, soliciting for people to join its elite monthly membership program, I signed up. Like most internet marketers today, they used the SCARCITY tactic – if you don’t sign up now, we’re closing the doors and who knows when you’ll be able to get […]

The Work-Kids Dilemma

I just finished reading through a bunch of Frank McKinney’s websites launching his 3 new books ( biz book, spiritual book, kids book). Then I watched his video compilation of all the tv shows he’s been on and his many successes in real estate. And I find myself wondering yet again: How do these people […]